Black and Blue Intra-Squad 2014

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Thunder in the Pines


Thunder runners cool down after the Intra-Squad meet

DVCC kicked off the 2014 season with the traditional Black and Blue Intra-Squad meet on Saturday, September 6th. This year’s meet took place on Groom Creek Trail #307 in the cool pines of the Prescott National Forest.

The Black and Blue Intra-Squad sets the initial Varsity Team for the upcoming season and identifies the next tier of Thunder Runners who will push the Varsity members who wish to hold onto their spots.

With three Thunder Runners covering the 3.1 miles in less than 17 minutes and another ten finishing in less than 18 minutes, this year’s squad is more than ready for another impressive season.

The team was led by (Jr) Xavier Esparza in 16:30, followed by (Sr) Ben Davis (16:33) and (Jr) DJ Harris (16:36). (So) Chris D’Angelo (17:06) and (Jr) Matt Anciaux (17:09) rounded out the top five. (Jr) Nathan Chan (17:23) and (Sr) Kyle Havriliak (17:28) completed the top seven.

The next tier of runners looking to compete for spots on the Varsity included (Jr) Jackson Snedecor (17:38), (Sr) Josh Tarchinski (17:53), (So) Nicholas Walrod (17:58), (So) DJ Johnson (18:03) and an impressive group of Freshmen including Nick Thatcher (17:59), Habtamu Cheney (18:00), and J Iannone (18:05).

Coach Chris Hanson was very impressed with the effort and looks forward to another great season.

The DVCC roster of 67 boys officially kicks off the season at the Fountain Hills Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 13, in Fountain Hills.

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