Sole Sports Running Zone Cross Country Festival 2012

author Web Master - DVCC (Sep, 02 2012)


DVCC Varsity Runners lead the way at the Sole Sports Running Zone Cross Country Festival in Scottsdale

Competing against 19 other schools, Desert Vista dominated the Sole Sports Running Zone Cross Country Festival in Scottsdale on Saturday, Sept. 1. With the scoring counting the top six out of eight varsity runners, DVCC racked up 88 points while averaging 16 minutes, 14 seconds. Here’s how dominant DVCC was: Second-place Boulder Creek had 216 points and averaged 34 seconds longer per man to cover the 3.0-mile course.

Despite a cold, senior Carter Macey again led the Thunder, finishing third overall (behind a pair of state champions) in 15:43.3. Senior Ryan Smith was ninth. Juniors Alec Hoyt and Jacob Walimaa were 12th and 14th, respectively. Senior Tyler Bonebright won the “Black” race for the second straight year and finished 20th overall. Mitchell Bogushefsky, Kyle Havriliak and Zach Smith finished in the top 37.

The junior varsity was even more ascendant. The Thunder swept the top eight spots, 11 of the top 20 and 17 of the top 50 out of 334 runners. In order, Xavier Esparza, Kyle Herrig, Ryan Dykstra, Dylan Smith, Austin Tielke, Matt Anciaux, Andrew Hermanski and Spencer Clason were the top eight.

“Just like any race, the start is important, but it’s only the start,” Coach Chris Hanson said. “It’s something you have to build from. We have to remain hungry, humble and hunting.”

DVCC resumes action Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Chandler Invitational and will be taking its top 50 runners to the Woodbridge Classic in Irvine, Calif., the following weekend.

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