Kennedy Boyle

Thunder Runner
Kennedy Boyle Graduation Year: 2027


Running History

This is the complete sortable listing of all meet results for this Thunder Runner.

RunnerIDEventIDEvent DateEvent NameDistance Actual TimeStandardized Time
1508daeb-167a-4a1c-95fb-cf403a179de6c158b9e1-9602-4a82-ad64-83c1e6c5ecda10/14/2023Bell Gardens Invitational3.00 milesmiles27:1228:06
1508daeb-167a-4a1c-95fb-cf403a179de6f3a8c7d3-3edd-47cd-9101-70570a3a300d9/29/2023Desert Twilight Cross Country Festival3.10 milesmiles30:1330:13
1508daeb-167a-4a1c-95fb-cf403a179de6b6badd21-9f80-4295-8e3d-3eb6f5857aa59/16/2023Sabercat Invitational3.10 milesmiles29:1729:17

The Standarized Time column represents a conversion of the Actual Time column to a standard distance of 3.1 miles. Our Cross Country races often differ in distance; the Standarized Time allows us to easily determine best efforts by comparing all runners across all races on an equal basis.