Sean Rice

Thunder Runner
Sean Rice Graduation Year: 2009

Sons Of Thunder:  2006


Running History

This is the complete sortable listing of all meet results for this Thunder Runner.

RunnerIDEventIDEvent DateEvent NameDistance Actual TimeStandardized Time
5511590d-1517-4c5c-80a3-5bfb4eba0e777bbd6ba2-a9c3-4940-83b2-92c611da8f8a10/18/2006Tempe City Meet3.10 milesmiles20:3120:31
5511590d-1517-4c5c-80a3-5bfb4eba0e7768a2a3e3-97e1-4565-b534-5dbb838e00049/30/2006Doug Conley Invitational3.10 milesmiles19:4219:42
5511590d-1517-4c5c-80a3-5bfb4eba0e77666a6b2a-c139-4a14-90b1-6f8e138a77aa9/08/2006Chandler Invitational2.95 milesmiles19:4620:46

The Standarized Time column represents a conversion of the Actual Time column to a standard distance of 3.1 miles. Our Cross Country races often differ in distance; the Standarized Time allows us to easily determine best efforts by comparing all runners across all races on an equal basis.