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Phoenix Classic Recap

The DVCC girls headed to Crossroads Park in Gilbert for the Phoenix Classic on Friday evening, October 23rd. The Freshmen squad captured a third-place finish, led by Desiree Perez in 8th place overall (22:53); she was followed by Gryffyn Geist in 9th (22:55), Markee Billeter in 10th (23:07), Pia Soto in 15th (23:58), and Jenelle Davis in 18th (24:36). The Junior Varsity squad grabbed a fourth-place finish, led by medalist Grace Ping (19:31); she was followed by Chelsea Condon in 13th (22:39), Hanna Garcia in 14th (22:48), Ariada Woods in 19th (23:15), and Peyton Martin in 22nd (23:20). The Varsity team took first place, led by medalist Lauren Ping (17:24); she was followed by Katie Sigerud in 2nd (17:58), Brooklyn Hanania in 11th (19:30), Olivia Thatcher in 12th (19:32), and Emily Littlefield in 14th (19:35).